Monday, June 11, 2007

Street Pharm
by Alison Van Diepen

Tyrone Johnson is the drug dealing king of Brooklyn. And he's a 17 year old high school student. He inherited his convict father's business, partner, and reputation. Taking his philosophy from the Art of War, Ty thinks he's in control of his destiny.

Kicked out of his last high school, Tyrone finds himself trying to keep his rep a secret from a girl at his new school. When a new dealer tries to get in on his turf, Ty struggles to save his girl and family from the violence that is part of his life, while also trying to keep it secret.

The author description left a bad taste in my life before I started the book, referencing her three and a half years working in "one of New York City's most dangerous high schools". The book is over the top in a lot of ways, including Tyrone's quick attempt to redeem himself. Despite these misgivings, I am fairly confident that this would be very popular with teen readers.