Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Wolf Who Cried Boy
by Bob Hartman
Illustrated by Tim Raglin

A young wolf dislikes his parents cooking; nothing tastes as good as boy, but boy is a rarity. The young wolf would rather eat snacks than dinner, so he ruins several night's dinners by distracting his parents from their cooking by falsely advertising the presence of boys. He brags about his trickery on the phone but is overheard by his parents. When a boy scout troop makes an appearance, the young wolf realizes that he has lost his opportunity to eat boy as his parents are unresponsive to his cries.

This is fun, even if you know what happens as soon as you read the title. It's not all that logical; as the chain of causation seems to go "we'd rather eat boy than our regular dinner, but since we can't eat boy, we'll eat snacks" and this is entirely satisfactory to the young wolf. Anyway, it seems like kids think they're smart for figuring out what's going to happen from the title, and kids like this book.